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New! The Black Spectre: Ghosts in the Asylum!
by Roger Alford

In his very first full-length novel, witness The Black Spectre’s mysterious origins. When the mayor is murdered in his office, there’s only one person that can help reporter Vicky Rose find justice: reclusive millionaire Brent Gregor, who has no interest in helping anyone but himself.

Kindle edition available on Amazon from Black Hood Press.


New! Veronia Mars: There’s No “V” in Team (A Kindle Worlds Novella)
by Roger Alford

When Veronica begins her first week as an intern with the FBI, she is determinded to play by the rules, especially after she caused her father to lose the election. But when a fellow intern asks for help, Veronica has to resort to her old lifestyle. A Kindle Worlds novella available exclusively from Amazon.


Coming in 2015! The Black Spectre: Death is a Silent Intruder and Other Exciting Adventures: Volume II
by Roger Alford

Five exciting new Black Spectre adventures carry him from his very first case as a young sleuth to a perplexing mystery that takes him deep into the snowy hills beyond Terminal City. Kindle edition coming in 2015 from Black Hood Press.


The Black Spectre: Invitation to Death and Other Exciting Adventures: Volume I
by Roger Alford

Experience the first six adventures of The Black Spectre, reprinted from the thrilling pages of Astonishing Adventures Magazine. Kindle edition from Black Hood Press.