The Black Spectre: Introduction

The Black Spectre: Volume I (Buy Now!)BORN into a wealthy family, young Brent Gregor’s life was shattered one fateful Halloween night when an intruder’s bullets killed his father, put his mother in an asylum, and left him in a wheelchair. Young Brent became a brooding recluse locked away, forever alone, in his family mansion.

When he reached adulthood, Gregor spent much of his vast fortune searching the world in vain for a cure. His far-​reaching efforts led him to an old gypsy woman who offered a fantastical proposition: by joining with a mysterious entity known as the Spirit Force, Gregor could summon it when needed to not only walk again, but to harness phantom-​like abilities: superhuman strength and agility, the power to hide unseen in the shadows, move objects with his mind, and easily pass through locked doors. In return, he vowed to stand for the righteous, to fight evil, and bring justice to those who have none.

Now…like a ghost, he moves through the shadows of the night, bringing evil-​doers to justice! When criminals and lawbreakers are marked with his signature “X,” they know there is no escape from… The Black Spectre!